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PixMob ~ BALLS
PixMob Balls engage fans who bounce them around in a crowd. They change colors in sync with live music, light shows and people hitting them. They are made of matte white vinyl and can be branded.

Worn around the neck, PixMob Pendants unite a crowd through wirelessly-controlled visual effects. Both the lanyard and the pixel can be branded.

VYV ~ Xenon

Xenon is the most complete and streamlined architectural mapping tool. It supports uncompressed playback at high resolutions, over an unlimited number of projectors onto buildings or surfaces of any complexity. Its intuitive calibration method and...

Like a swarm of fireflies, PixMob Helicos gracefully descend into an audience creating immersive visuals. They are well-suited to deliver wristbands or pendants to a crowd.

PixMob Wristbands pulsate with colours in sync with live music, light shows and body movements. They are made of translucent silicone and can be branded and RFID enabled. After the event, the wristbands can be permanently switched to motion-sensitive...

VYV ~ Albion

Albion is a global stage positioning system developed for live entertainment environments. Using VYV custom and programmable infrared emitters and motion capture cameras, Albion can transmit coordinates of real-world objects, in real-time, to any ...

VYV ~ Photon

Photon is the optimum media server solution for live entertainment, immersive experiences and permanent installations, meeting extraordinary video requirements and real-time control needs. It allows for uncompressed video playback at tremendous resol...

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