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The new Simons Edmonton store landed in Europa mall’s redefinition to become the trendy fashion destination of the shopping center. The desire to create both an architecture and interior design that is distinctive and glaring compared to the rest of the mall was the starting point of the process. This resulted in a very simple geometry that is clad with titanium blades. The main goal while using titanium was to use its rich texture and color variance that the material has according to different viewing angles. To increase this effect, all the blades where rotated 180 degrees and placed on different angles in order to dynamize the facade. The single volume is then pierced in certain places to read clearly both entrance, put an emphasis on the artwork suspended in the north west corner and create showcases at pedestrian level to catch their attention. On the inside, the design is refined and intelligent. Each of the store’s department has its own identity in which customers can relate to. Therefore, collections for youth explode with dynamism with very trendy looks while departments for a more adult customer are more simple, modern and chic.

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Québec, Québec, Canada


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Québec, Québec, Canada


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La Maison Simons


West Edmonton Mall
8882 170 Street Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5T 5X1


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