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A tribute to the giants of Dutch football

Located in central Amsterdam, the Ajax Experience has been designed by Sid Lee Architecture in collaboration with gsmprjct°, who designed the museum’s scenography and feature exhibits. Lightemotion was commissioned alongside these respected architecture and design studios, to add a dynamic lighting program which highlights the exhibits through the clever integration of lighting into the architectural details.

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Organized around the theme We Build Giants, the experience immerses visitors in the Ajax training program, a philosophy that is imparted to prospective Ajax players from a very young age and that has been perfected over more than a hundred years of team history. With its highly interactive components, the exhibition stands out from traditional sports team museums. In the Locker Room, a place usually reserved only for players, visitors listen to a speech by a trainer during halftime. And in the Training Field, visitors are offered a particularly innovative interactive experience. The Training Field is organized around the four key concepts of Ajax player development—technique, insight, personality, and speed. In the Speed interactive, visitors move a ball from target to target; after the first attempt, a virtual trainer gives a pointer and the visitor is invited to try again. The Technique area features a similar interactive, in which the visitor kicks the ball at targets that appear on a large wall-mounted touch screen. In Insight, several interactive tables identify key Ajax gameplay strategies in a recent game. And finally, the Personality area outlines the ideal player profile for prospective footballers keen to become the next giants of Ajax football.




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Montréal, Québec, Canada


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Montréal, Québec, Canada

Sid Lee Architecture


Montréal, Québec, Canada
When one of the top football clubs in all of Europe asked us to design the ultimate tribute, we made sure we delivered. House of Ajax is an emotional journey that celebrates the team’s storied history, unique philosophy, and vibrant culture.


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Main Location
29 Arena Boulevard, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands 1101

From Jan 01, 2011 to Jan 01, 2011


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