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These Living Galleries are light museum fare, offering the kind of high-energy and big-impact museum experience, with easy browsing and lots of interactivity, that appeals to a younger generation of people who are not traditionally museumgoers. Four specific themes were chosen to represent the history and social evolution of Singapore: food, fashion, photography, and film. Each gallery is divided into two sections—an introduction to the theme and then a behind-the-scenes look at each industry—enriched by artefacts and objects that reflect a century of social evolution. In 2008, the Singaporean Ministry of Information, Communications, and the Arts launched a pilot project to make its museums accessible to the visually impaired. In light of this initiative, gsmprjct° was called upon to create multi-sensory structures that would allow visitors to use their senses of hearing, smell, and touch to enjoy two of the Living Galleries: Food and Fashion. Braille information panels were installed at the galleries’ audio stations, as well as at the Food Gallery’s smelling stations, where visitors can catch a whiff of typical foods used in Singaporean cooking, and at the Fashion Gallery’s tactile stations, where visitors can feel the texture of fashionable fabrics.

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Design - Exhibition and experiences

Montréal, Québec, Canada
Bringing into play our expertise in intercultural understanding, gsmprjct° designed the Photography, Fashion, Film & Wayang, and Food Galleries—four award-winning Living Galleries—to present the social history of Singapore and define its people through four themes that are close to their hearts.


Lighting Designers & Consultants

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Connect People

François Canac-Marquis

Project Manager - Technologies and infrastructures at gsmprjct°

Geneviève Lussier

Production Coordinator at gsmprjct°


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