At the top experience - Burj Khalifa Connect
A journey to the top of the world’s tallest building

Starting at the visitor centre, located at the Mall level of the complex, this multimedia experience presents the visitor with the history and facts about the tower, its construction, and the many people behind it. Before reaching the elevator that will bring them to the top, visitors have the opportunity to view a large illuminated model of the Burj Khalifa, to go through a tunnel animated by video projections, and to stop at a specially designed room and observation point to admire the tower from an unobstructed vantage point. Access to the observation deck is provided by two custom-designed elevator cabs, presenting visitors with an immersive multimedia experience and preparing them for the breathtaking view of Dubai that awaits them on the 124th floor. Once there, visitors can complement their visit by using gsmprjct°’s Tellscope™ electronic telescopes to learn more about the city’s landmarks and attractions in an interactive and unique way.

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Architecture, Exhibition Design and Build

Montréal, Québec, Canada
gsmprjct° was given the mandate by Emaar Properties to create the concept, develop the written, graphic, and audio-visual content, and handle the design, production, and installation of all exhibition components, including the multimedia elevator cabs experience, of At the Top, the observation deck for the world’s tallest building.

Emaar Properties PJSC

Global Property Developer

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Lighting Designers & Consultants

Montréal, Québec, Canada

Bond Communications

AV Installation and Programming

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Connect People

Ken Showler

Media and AMX Controls programming at Bond Communications

Media and AMX Controls programming


Edition1 st
Parent project
Burj Khalifa
The Construction of the World's Tallest Building


Main Location
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

From Jan 01, 2005 to Jan 04, 2010


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