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PixMob ~ BALLS poster

PixMob Balls engage fans who bounce them around in a crowd. They change colors in sync with live music, light shows and people hitting them. They are made of matte white vinyl and can be branded.



Montréal, Québec, Canada
OUR VISIONS. OUR ROOTS. OUR INSPIRATIONS. We’ve always been captivated by digital lighting and interested in finding new ways to communicate through light. This means researching, understanding and experimenting with humankind’s relationship with light: our fascination for watching burning ashes for hours, our fear of lightning, the warmth of the sunlight in the morning. It means pushing the b...


Arcade Fire at Coachella Festival

Deluge of lights

Coachella, California, United States

2011 ~ During a pivotal moment in Arcade Fire’s encore performance of “Wake Up”, the sky above the stage opened up and hundreds of PixMob balls spilled onto the crowd, bursting into colour and light as audience members bounced them around.

University of Michigan Marching Band

Halftime show of Under the Lights III

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

2014 ~ PixMob was recently chosen by the University of Michigan Marching Band to add some magic to the halftime show of Under the Lights III, the football team’s annual night game. Founded in 1896, the UMichigan Marching Band is well known for their on-field performances, and is an integral part of the Michigan football tradition. A Moving Light Show on the Field The 290 musicians and 130 dancer...

Heineken Stardium

PixMob part of the multi-experience

Seoul, , South Korea

2014 ~ As its hyper-portmanteau name suggests, 5tardium is an event organized by Heineken Korea in a star-shaped stadium, with 5 different stages offering 5 different experiences.


6W LED Light
Diameters available: 25 cm, 40 cm, 66 cm
Battery life: 7 days (standby), 5 hours (live)
User-replaceable battery

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