VYV ~ Albion poster

Albion is a global stage positioning system developed for live entertainment environments.

Using VYV custom and programmable infrared emitters and motion capture cameras, Albion can transmit coordinates of real-world objects, in real-time, to any system implementing the PosiStageNet protocol.

PosiStageNet is the result of developments between VYV and MA Lighting and the achievements allow moving light fixtures to react in concert with your scene. Combined with the strength of Photon media servers, the door is open to a world of creativity and mind-blowing effects using real-time projection on completely free-moving objects.



Montréal, Québec, Canada
VYV was created in 2004 by Emric Epstein, M.Sc. Computer Graphics, Martin Granger-Piché, M.Sc. Computer Graphics, and Pierre Poulin, Ph.D. Computer Graphics and University Professor. The mission of the company is to provide flexible and interactive video projections tools to respond to the increasing needs of the industry in this field. The company began with projects with Cirque du Soleil (Bar d...

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