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Xenon is the most complete and streamlined architectural mapping tool.

It supports uncompressed playback at high resolutions, over an unlimited number of projectors onto buildings or surfaces of any complexity. Its intuitive calibration method and exceptional reliability guarantee projection quality in fixed installations.

An internet-accessible content scheduler gives the customer the ability to upload videos and update their own playlist schedule. An optional live input allows the user to stream external sources, such as VJ equipment, during special events, without concern for the projectors as Xenon takes care of the rest.



Montréal, Québec, Canada
VYV was created in 2004 by Emric Epstein, M.Sc. Computer Graphics, Martin Granger-Piché, M.Sc. Computer Graphics, and Pierre Poulin, Ph.D. Computer Graphics and University Professor. The mission of the company is to provide flexible and interactive video projections tools to respond to the increasing needs of the industry in this field. The company began with projects with Cirque du Soleil (Bar d...


Grand Hall Experience

St Louis Union Station

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

2014 ~ Saint Louis’ old Union Station was repurposed to become the DoubleTree Hotel’s new lobby, which has been lit up by high intensity and high resolution projection, on the entirety of the gigantic vaulted ceiling. Xenon allows for high quality uncompressed playback of the content while taking all the fine details of the architecture into account.

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